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  • Bad Dad Flex Fit Hat

    Flex Fit Bad Dad Hat with Puff Embroidered Bad Dad Lion's head. Rain or shine, this hat will keep your dad in style all year long, whether he is at the ball game, hockey game, basketball, or campin...

    $29.95 CAD

  • Bad Dad V-Neck T-Shirt

    Bad Dad V-Neck T with our full Bad Dad Logo and Lion's head so that everyone will know you are part of the pride. Men's Black Lightweight V-Neck T-Shirt presents you in the most favorable light. Fe...

    $26.95 CAD

  • Bad Dad Golf Shirt

    Short Sleeved Golf Shirt with puff embroidered Bad Dad Lion's Head. We all know that dad will be spending some time out on the course or just trying to look his best in that casual but classy sort ...

    $33.95 CAD

  • Bad Dad Hoodie

    Lightweight and versatile long sleeve hooded tee with puff embroidered Bad Dad Lion's Head and Bad Dad logo. Perfect for that breezy, but sunny in-between weather.  Pre-shrunk 100% combed ring spun...

    $39.95 CAD


  • After Shave

    This classic aftershave  is your traditional alcohol based aftershave that Barbers have been using for decades. Provides the skin with a nice cooling sensation and tightens the pores on the face al...

    $15.95 CAD

  • Beard Oil

    This 100% organic Beard oil is a versatile product that not only treats coarse facial hair but also the skin on the face. Formulated with a blend of organic carrier oils, it softens the hair follic...

    $17.95 CAD

  • Shave Cream

    A non-abrasive, organic based shave cream that gives a close, clean shave while reducing irritation. Made with all natural organic coconut oil, this organic shave cream nourishes the skin while pre...

    $22.95 CAD

  • Organic 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash

    Made using 100% organic and/or Eco-certified ingredients, this 2 in 1 shampoo and bodywash cleanses the skin and hair without stripping like most SLS based cleansing products. This allows the hair ...

    $16.95 CAD

  • Organic Conditioner

    Made using 100% organic and/or Eco-certified ingredients, this is a daily nourishing conditioner that can be used on the hair and beard to restore moisture to the hair and soften the hair follicle....

    $16.95 CAD

  • Matte Texture Paste

    A medium hold matte paste designed for all hair types. Spreads easily in both long and short hair styles when hair is wet or dry. Gives hold and control yet doesn't clog up like other matte product...

    $17.95 CAD

  • Rosewood Safety Razor

    Rosewood Safety Razor. Because we all know that Dad needs to have as clean a shave as possible for those special occasions.

    $35.95 CAD

  • Badger Hair Shaving Brush

    Badger Hair Shaving Brush.  Because every Dad needs some Honey Badger to start out his day. Chinese Schima Superb Wood Black badger hair

    $32.95 CAD

  • Sandalwood Beard Comb

    Sandalwood, Anti-static - Easier to shape & tame your beard and it smells awesome too!

    $18.95 CAD

  • Wooden Shaving Bowl

    Wooden Shaving Bowl makes a great gift for Dad when combined with our razor, shave brush and shaving cream.

    $24.95 CAD


  • Camping Utensils - Fork, Knife, Spoon

    Stainless steel+ aluminium alloy handle. This cool camping tool has a knife, fork and spoon for those times you have been a Bad Dad and are banished to the dog house. They even separate into indivi...

    $15.95 CAD

  • 5 In 1 Survival Bracelet

    5 In 1 Survival Bracelet Multifunctional Outdoor Paracord Survival Gear Parachute Cord Flint Fire Starter Scraper Compass Whistle.  You can use the rope for creating fishing lines, making traps, b...

    $17.95 CAD

  • Bad Dad Wooden Bottle Opener

    Bad Dad Wooden Bottle Opener Sometimes that Dad is going to need a cold one to celebrate their great acts of dadding and other days they will just need one to help heal their wounds from a tough da...

    $10.00 CAD

  • Card Multi Tool - Black

    Within the compact size of a business card you get a  Ruler, Bottle opener, Letter opener, Box opener , Can opener, Cell phone stand, Peeler, Insert card, Inch ruler, Allen key, and Key holder (tot...

    $12.95 CAD

  • Leather Notebook with Card and Pen Holder

    Leather Notebook with Card and Pen Holders is an essential tool in your Dad's life. How else do you think he kept track of all the activities and responsibilities he takes on??? And well it has our...

    $32.95 CAD

  • Wooden Stainless Steel Bottle

    Wooden Stainless Steel Bottle Feature: Eco-Friendly. Stainless Steel & Purple Clay Lining

    $33.95 CAD

  • Tea Infuser

    Glass safety material, smooth and exquisite, safe and non-toxic Leak-proof , good seal,poratable carry in outdoor. Material: high borosilicate glass & 304 Stainless Steel

    $23.95 CAD

  • Brown Genuine Cowhide Cigar Holder w Cigar Cutter

    Brown Cigar Holder w Cigar Cutter Genuine cowhide. Because we know Dad is going to have a cigar here or there and he might as well have a wicked cigar holder and not be the Dad in the pride without...

    $33.95 CAD

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